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Price comparison for Mobile broadband in Ireland. Pay as you go (prepaid) mobile broadband

Below you will find a list of mobile phone networks that offer pay as you go (prepaid) mobile broadband services in the Republic of Ireland. Prices are compared from the leading broadband providers and listed in the table below. Prices for prepaid mobile broadband were checked on 21st March 2012. We hope this will help you to find the best value mobile broadband in Ireland.

Compare prices for prepaid mobile broadband in Ireland.

Store Name
Stick price
Cost per day
Link to store
7.5 GB Per month
Meteor mobile broadband to go
5 GB Per month
visit Vodafone mobile broadband store at The carphone warehouse Ireland
02 Ireland
€29.00/ €0***
5 GB Per month
02 Ireland
Three (3.ie)
7.5 GB Per month
02 Ireland

* Meteor refurbished unit was out of stock on our vist on 16th April 2012 - new from 29 Euro

**refurbished unit

***O2 offer a free USB Modem with 40Eur credit - checked valid on 16th April 2012


o2 ireland shop
O2 Ireland
  O2 Ireland is part of Telefónica Europe and is one of the main provider of mobile services in Ireland, with more than 1.7 million customers in Ireland. O2 offer mobile broadband services in Ireland.

  Visit O2 Ireland online store
Meteor mobiles network Ireland
Meteor Ireland
Meteor is a mobile phone Meteor with stores throughout Ireland and an online store for web purchases. Mobile Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eircom Group plc.
Visit Meteor online store
envirofone recycle
Three Ireland
  3 launched in Ireland in 2005 and is an expanding mobile network in Ireland offering mobile phones and a high speed mobile broadband network.
  Visit Three Ireland
vodafone ireland
Vodafone Ireland
  Vodafone Ireland offers a wide range of products including prepay and pay monthly mobile phones, pay as you go mobile broadband and DSL broadband in the Republic of Ireland. Vodafone products are also available from The Carphone Warehouse throughout the Republic of Ireland

  Vodafone Ireland
>Mobile phone companies Ireland

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