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PC Security

Parents Internet online course - Course syllabus

Our online parents course provides basic Internet training for parents. The course is delivered to you online using:

  • email
  • Claroline e-learning system
  • handouts in electronic format
  • telephone support when needed
  • online forums

The course is divided into eight separate modules and covers the essential topics relating to family web usage. The course syllabus is detailed below.




Lesson 1 - Introduction to computers and the Internet

This lesson covers:

  • Course Introduction and overview of lessons
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Benefits of the Internet for you and your child(ren)
  • Basics of computers
  • Skills you'll need to start browsing
  • What do kids like to do on-line
  • What are the risks to children?

Lesson 2- Browsing the web

This lesson covers:

  • Using a Browser
  • Content for younger children
  • Content for older children and adults
  • Introduction to E-mail
  • Search engines and safely finding information
  • Introduction to how the web works
  • Why we need virus and spyware protection

Lesson 3- Internet tools/Understanding the terminology

This lesson covers:

  • Internet communication
  • Chat rooms, newsgroups, Instant messaging and web communities
  • More uses of the Internet
  • Viewing browser history and changing your homepage
  • Web content most appealing to children(2)
  • Using Internet favourites/bookmarks and the links bar
  • Internet tools and common terms
  • Web page elements
  • Speed and cost of Internet use

Lesson 4- Understanding the threats

This lesson covers:

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Combatting hackers and spyware
  • Childrens offline safety
  • E-mail abuses
  • What is a firewall and why do we need one
  • Dealing with junk e-mail (spam)
  • Risks to children (2)
  • Risks to parents from your childrens Internet use.

Lesson 5- Safe surfing

This lesson covers:

  • Educating your children
  • Teach your child critical thinking
  • Setting up a personal firewall
  • Using virus protection software
  • Spotting potential problems
  • Introduction to filtering software
  • Protecting childrens online identity
  • Protecting you and children from scams
  • Safesurf contract - agreeing acceptable use for your child

Lesson 6- Safe browsing methods

This lesson covers:

  • Filtering web sites (2)
  • Using bookmarks/favourites and links
  • Building your favourite lists
  • Search engine content settings
  • Passwords
  • Building trust
  • Teenager users tips for parents and children
  • Family web use guidelines
  • Levels of parental control

Lesson 7- Providing and Exchanging Information

This lesson covers:

  • Shopping online
  • Using Internet communication tools safely
  • Web forms, site registration and company marketing
  • Cookies
  • Creating a personal web page
  • Personal web page risks
  • School uses of the Internet

Lesson 8- Bringing it all together

This lesson covers:

  • Stay one step ahead/Quick and simple rules
  • Developing your own safe browsing plan
  • Practical demonstrations of topics covered
  • Review of course content

What you will learn.

The course will provide basic training in the following areas:

  • Understanding Internet threats
  • Basic principles of Internet technology
  • Software tools – including content management
  • Internet security and protecting your privacy
  • Managing your children online
  • Understand social networking (e.g. Facebook etc.)

Additional Information

  • The course is taught by a qualified ICT teacher.
  • On-line materials and tutorials available via Learn365.net
  • E-mail support available during courses
  • Very Low cost - minimal charges to cover administration costs
  • Due to start September 2012.

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