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familiy web safety course

Parents Internet family online safety course

Our online parents course provides basic Internet training for parents. The course is specifically designed to give you the the required knowledge and tools to allow you to safely manage children's time on-line.

This course is designed for parents who wish to gain a better understanding of the Internet.
The course is divided into eight separate modules and covers the essential topics relating to family web usage. View the course syllabus

details and course syllabus for web safety course
The free course is currently fully subscibed until January 2017 . New applications can be catered for after this date.
Why complete this course?

  • Don’t let fear of this technology prevent your children benefiting from this incredible learning tool.
  • The Internet can be an incredible learning resource for everybody, including our children.
  • With effective training you and your children can safely access the web.
  • The Internet is currently used in almost all areas of employment. Help your children to appreciate its possibilities.
  • The Internet can assist in all areas of school and college learning, helping children to succeed in their studies.
  • Parents should understand what risks apply to their children’s time online.
  • Parents should be able to protect their children from inappropriate web content
  • Understand what children do online the reasons certain Internet activities appeal to them.
  • Secure your PC. Parents should know the basic steps required to protect their computer from virus infection and personal information from spyware threats.

What you will learn.

The course will provide basic training in the following areas:

  • Understanding Internet threats
  • Basic principles of Internet technology
  • Software tools – including content management
  • Internet security and protecting your privacy
  • Managing your children online
  • Understand social networking (Twitter, Facebook etc.)

Additional Information

  • The course is taught by a qualified ICT teacher.
  • On-line materials and tutorials available via Learn365.net.
  • E-mail support available during courses.
  • Free -

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